Inaugural post!

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Texting While Driving: It Can Wait

About Us:

The Arkansas Coalition Against Texting While Driving is made up of representatives from Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the Arkansas State Police, the Arkansas Department of Education and AT&T.

Our Goal:

For years, society has been warned repeatedly about the dangers of riding in vehicles without safety belts and the dangers of driving while intoxicated. Now, with cell phone use on the rise due to the technologies that provide our society with immediate access to the tools that make communication more attractive and available, greater numbers of traffic fatalities are being attributed to the decision to drive distractedly – and texting while driving is at the forefront of this issue.

In an effort to create a movement that will bring attention to the dangers of this particular component of distracted driving,  the members of the Arkansas Coalition Against Texting While Driving have committed to using their resources to spread the word to Arkansans about ways of being more responsible behind the wheel — and what the consequences are of driving distractedly.

The Challenge:

Whereas rules regarding driving without a safety belt or under the influence are generally enforceable, the laws prohibiting texting while driving are not. In order for individuals to refrain from driving distractedly, they must be made aware of this issue and they must be challenged to meet the personal responsibility of maintaining their focus while operating a motorized vehicle.


There are lots of great updates coming about the progress of our campaign! Please keep checking back with and feel free to share what you learn with your families and friends!


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